Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting that first Jet Job

So you have thought about it , worked the numbers and you want that job, Fine go for it. Right now your chances of landing a job at a regional Airline is greater than it has ever been before. The whole industry is recoiling from the days of 9-11 and the fact that very few began this career path as a result.
So here you are with an incredible opportunity to start down the road of "Living The Dream". Pardon me while i puke....just kidding it is better than a REAL job. OK enough of that the facts are that ALL REGIONALS are hiring although they are not doing that good of a job at it . They want twice as many new-hires as they are getting. The truth is if you have a license and a pulse you will get hired, not since the mid sixties has it been sooooo easy to get a job in this industry.
Back in 1994 (i know the stone age) you absolutely had to have 2 to 3 thousand hours a college degree and a ATP to even get an interview. But now as in many industries there are cycles some good years some bad for hiring , right now the industry is in a very good year(s) for hiring.
Using my airline as an example we only require 500 total and 100 multi. To me this is insane but its what the industry is down to. I fault NO_ONE for trying to get a job with little or no time , i would have tried.......and failed if i had gotton a job with that little of time. But everyone is different and i wish everybody success.
The best thing you can do is take the entire process VERY seriously......please do not have the attitude , if i fail out of training at airline A.......airline B will hire me and i will do better. Have ALL your ducks in a row before during and after your interview training.
I actually had this guy as a sim partner, He was very sharp.....sat next to him in ground school and could answer nearly every question or problem during class.......but then came the sim.
Now this guy was no young kid. He was looking for a career change. He had spent the last several years working for crap i asked to see his badge. His job was an engineer analyst for the shuttle crews and the problems they reported after a mission . OK sharp guy.
But this guy had spent the last few years tooling around in some aero club baron/bonanza VFR
and not really working within the ATC/IFR system.
We start the first day of SIM and everybody is nervous that first session at their first job so no big deal. Then day two came and it became obvious that the guy could keep the wings level and wasnt going to crash but as far as working the FLIGHT GUIDANCE PANEL and The autopilot this guy was clueless..........and alot of instructors will say this at this level, THIS AINT DUAL you had better know how to fly an approach shoot a miss go to a hold and so on.
I tried to work with this guy but you have to have some basic concepts down or it just gets to be too much at one time....sort of like drinking from a fire hose. This guy went along three then four sim sessions then i took him aside and say "look man i do not mean to bust your bubble but you need to resign BEFORE they fire you" I just wanted him to understand it would be ALOT better to resign and make up some excuse so he could get some more real experience in the ATC/IFR system so he could get a job later. He didnt listen, they fired him the next morning and now he has that on his record for life.
The point of this is , appreciate that you can get the chance to fly for a living with so little experience, but take it seriously and be ready and sharp. Do not mess up and party your way thru new hire training thinking they can not afford to let you go.
Now do not get me wrong, if you are out there flying freight, IFR in some piece of crap twin you will do fine and not have any aint hard. But it does take some experience.